The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Part 6

-You know, I find joy in the ability to be able to walk away from these killer plants.  I can tell how angry they are, and how much they would like to destroy me, yet I still walk just out of their reach.  I waved at the last one.

-I have stumbled upon another creepy cave.  It seems smaller than the one I traveled through to get to this field.  No less creepy, however.  The bats attacked me immediately!

-I don’t really know why, but I found another goblin in this cave.  I wonder how long he has been in here.  Perhaps he saw me coming, and ran into the cave, hoping that I would walk in.  I’m sure he was planning a surprise attack, it’s just that his presence in general, inside this cave has caught me off guard.

-No worries, though.  I have destroyed him!

-Aha!  He was guarding a tiny, unlocked chest, which held the key to that locked gate that I ran into earlier!  Pfft, nice try, buddy.

-I know how this is going to sound, but I just lit two torches inside that little cave, and I am pretty sure that a treasure chest appeared… Am I crazy?  Anyway, there was a funny shaped thing in there.  It confused me, but also made me feel slightly stronger.  I know that makes no sense, but….. I felt it.  God, I AM losing it!

-I made my way back to the locked gate, continuing to clear the field of goblins, as I went.   Yeesh, ugly little things.  Can’t get over it.  They had two more blocking the gate, since I was last here.  Where the heck are they all coming from?

-Luckily, this key worked!  I would be kind of bummed out if I had to walk around more, looking for another key.

-One more goblin on the other side of the gate, and we are FINALLY out of this awful field.  Now, onward to the child in danger!!

-*sigh*… I have reached another, smaller field, also with goblins in it.  I really wasn’t missing much all these years by not coming this way.

-Three down, a presumably endless amount left to go…

-There is a bird over there….yelling at me.  It seems…to have its feathers arranged on top of its head, very reminiscent of that man who gave me a lantern, and sold me lantern oil.  Because of this similarity, I already hate it.

-The man-bird seems to be perched near some pots of various liquids.  I…this one is lantern oil!  The other red liquid smells delicious.

-I drank the milk that the strange lady gave me, and I shall fill the bottle with this lovely smelling liquid!  What luck to find giant pots of helpful things!  I can fill up my lantern with this free oil, as well!  This day is slowly working in my favor!

-I can only assume that I was meant to pay for these things, according to the sign, but I pretended not to notice, and left the area.  I’m pretty sure the bird was yelling at me, but I also pretended not to notice it.

-Holy Majora!  From where I’m standing, I can see what may be the largest tree I have ever seen!  In fact, I’m pretty sure this bridge ahead is branching off of it.  I shudder at the thought of what is living inside it…

-HEY!  I found the kid!!  Man, he is going to pay for making me come this-…oh wait, that would be counter-productive for this rescue mission that I have been on.  Hehe, he is trapped in a little cage with a monkey.  It’s kind of adorable, actually.

-They are being guarded, and possibly tormented, by those handsome devils that I have come to know as the goblins.  My wooden sword shall make short work of them.  I should think of something cool to say as I come to the kid’s rescue.

-For some reason, all that popped into my head was “Bananas”.  Therefore, I kept quiet, and just sliced and diced.  I broke the missing child, and his monkey friend, out of their poorly assembled cage, and watched them stand there cheering.  I have to say, this rescue was very underwhelming.

-The kid and I made it back to safe ground.  He’s telling me about how the monkey really is a nice girl.  The minds of children amaze me.  He’d likely say the same about the cage he was trapped in, if he was alone in there.  He is begging me not to tell his Father that he ran off.  I should tell him, maybe.  You know, send a message.  “I am not your Child Retriever!  At least not for free!”.

-Aww, geez.  Here comes Colin’s Father again.  This guy, I don’t know.

-Ah yes, we are discussing my trip to Hyrule tomorrow.  This also makes me realize that it is almost night time, and I have spent my entire day off, chasing that little brat into these twisted woods.

-He made a sarcastic comment about getting to meet Princess Zelda?  Is he implying that it is so crazy that she may approach me, after noticing my charm, and my sword?  We shall see, Crazy Guy….we shall see.

-Well, now that this day is pretty much over, I really have no choice but to go home.  It’s not that I really had anything planned for my day off, really.  I was kind of hoping to just take it easy today, maybe sit by the fire….maybe clean that picture of a goat in my house.  Regardless, I think someone owes me another day off, to make up for this one!  I am SO talking to the Father of that kid I rescued today.  That’ll show ’em.


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